Dr. Galang Honored by UIC for Teaching Excellence

Dr. Maria Therese Glang, Assistant Professor of Orthodontics, was selected by their peers to receive 2010-2011 Teaching Recognition Awards from the UIC Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (SETL). A total of 20 UIC faculty were chosen campus wide. 

The Teaching Recognition Program (TRP) recognizes the excellence of UIC faculty in their teaching activities.

“I strive to constantly improve my courses and I make sure that everything I teach is clinically applicable,” Dr. Galang said. “My goal is to keep students engaged and show them how the specialty of orthodontics will come into play in their future careers as they take care of their patients.”

Dr. Galang noted she is “very proud of my dental students being able to recognize orthodontic problems, and them doing their best in each and every activity. I am also very proud of the orthodontic residents, most of whom started out with little background in orthodontics. Now they exchange challenging thoughts and ideas and help me educate the predocs.”

“I also am extremely proud of the students I have mentored for various research projects – undergrads, predocs, and residents. A number of them even have won awards, and that always makes a mentor proud,” Dr. Galang said.

The award being peer-reviewed makes it particularly meaningful, Dr. Galang said.

“Being recognized for good teaching is one thing, but being recognized by your peers for excellent teaching is another,” she noted. “I am very thankful for this recognition and will use this as a challenge to constantly improve and upgrade my teaching methods for the benefits of my students.”

“I wish to inspire people who are considering academic paths,” Dr. Galang said. “As an orthodontist, I find patient care very fulfilling and enjoyable. As a faculty member, I find the same fulfillment and enjoyment in teaching my students, especially knowing that I play a role in molding future dentists and orthodontists who will take care of their own patients some day. Being in academia entails a lot of work, but it’s worth it.”

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